A Life Well Lived

Faithful Frontline Fighters – Part 2: Pharmacist Kyle Hodge

“I remember one time that I was having a really tough day, and I thought– why am I doing this? And this elderly gentleman came up to the window to drop off his prescription and he said, “you’re having a hard day?” We talked for a little while and that made such a difference because…

Natasha T. Brown – An Overcomer who Empowers Others

Natasha T. Brown, a brilliant, engaging, and accomplished communicator, always had big dreams. However, these dreams all seemed to come to a halt when she found herself imprisoned and wrongly accused of attempted murder in 2014. As she fought to prove her innocence and to save her reputation, Brown’s world was turned upside down. SheContinue reading “Natasha T. Brown – An Overcomer who Empowers Others”

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